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Th-q5 pneumatic code stamping machine
Product description


This machine is suitable for shoes, packaging, leather, paper, cloth, plastic and other materials

On the printing number, number, production date, etc., can also be hot stamping text, trademarks, patterns.

It adopts advanced heat transfer printing technology and new pneumatic heating and pressing structure, which is very oily

Leather can also be perfect coding, writing clear, concave convex feeling. There is also the customized mode of movable type,

It is a new generation of practical coding machine.

Structural features:

1. The design adopts a unique printing platform, which can print leather in layers, making the operation more convenient and flexible

So the work efficiency has been greatly improved.

2. Hot stamping time can be adjusted to adapt to the different thickness of materials.

3. The step size of ribbon can be adjusted to avoid the waste of gold paper.