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Overview of blanking machine

Blanking machine is an indispensable equipment in some light industry. Traditional concept, the blanking machine is with the help of the force of the machine movement pressure on the knife mold, the material cutting machine. In modern times, some changes have taken place in the blanking machine, such as high-pressure water beam, ultrasonic and other advanced technologies have been used in the leather punching technology, but people still summarize these equipment in the blanking machine.

Cutting equipment with high degree of automation include: moving head cutting machine controlled by computer, laser cutting machine (oscillating cutter), high pressure water beam cutting machine and computer cutting machine. In addition, Italy and UK USM company produce a kind of projection blanking machine. The blanking table of this kind of equipment is equipped with oscillating cutter and visual observation device, which is used for contour scanning of leather or projection on leather to guide the blanking worker to arrange the nesting of blanking template on leather.