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Safe operation rules of blanking machine

Safe operation rules of blanking machine:

1、 Observe the general safety technical operation rules of metal cutting machine tools.

2、 The work site shall be clean and tidy, and the surplus materials, oil and water shall be removed in time. The workpiece and material should not be placed randomly, so as not to hinder the operation and block the channel.

3、 The tools and fixtures used must be in good condition and in the specified place. It is forbidden to place tools, workpieces and other objects on the workbench.

4、 Before starting the sawing machine, it is necessary to check whether the equipment is in good condition before formal operation.

5、 The tool and workpiece must be clamped correctly and firmly. When loading and unloading oil and relatively heavy workpieces on the surface, the bed surface should be padded with wooden board first, and it is not allowed to use hands to pad, so as to prevent falling and injury.

6、 When using crane to cooperate with lifting and loading and unloading work pieces, relevant regulations of crane safety operation rules shall be observed. No one is allowed to stand under the suspended object, and the human body is not allowed to balance the workpiece.

7、 In the process of blanking, people should stand in a safe position.

8、 It is not allowed to overhaul the sawing machine during operation.

11、 When cutting super long workpiece, there should be sign and fence to prevent injury during cutting.

12、 When the blanking equipment is in operation, the operators are not allowed to leave their posts.

13、 In case of power failure, the switch should be turned off.

14、 In case of any abnormal situation, stop the vehicle immediately and ask relevant personnel for inspection.

15、 After work, cut off the power. Clear the materials after the work.